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I believe food to be one of the most basic, fundamental and life giving elements in existence. It not only nourishes us in the caloric sense it also nourishes our soul.  Food is the one thing that we can all agree on, despite your ethnicity, economic status, political or religious affiliation we can all agree that savory is savory, salty is salty and sweet is sweet.  The pure essence of food has the innate characteristic to cross all lines. In a time  when our society and culture seems extremely disconnected it comforts me to know when I ask the simple question “who has the best burger in Seattle and why?” nine times out of ten the disconnect in essence becomes a passionate connection, food activates community. With that said I know there are some obvious and logical disagreements within food culture such as vegetarian V.S the caveman meat eater syndrome.  But the one thing we can all agree on is good food is just good food.

My main objective of this blog is to create dialogue. In NO way do I want this blog to be about me spouting off things I know or think I know about food. I want to open a forum for critique, disagreement and suggestions. I want people to start talking about the food that they love, not only talking about food but also getting in the kitchen and enjoying the process of cooking it, I want to learn as much from you as hopefully you learn from me.  My secondary objective is to encourage the use of local, seasonal and sustainable products, “great product + good technique = great food” Thomas Keller.

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE food and more importantly LOVE the process of cooking food.  The first question I normally get asked is  “what kind of food do you cook”?  According to my wife I sarcastically respond “good food”, by “good food” I do not mean that the final product is always good  (I have been known to destroy amazing produce) but if I am planning on investing money in a meal then I am only buying the best product I possibly can, therefore “good food”. A great product always makes your cooking better, ALWAYS!  This is where buying local, seasonal and sustainable food comes to play.  For example don’t buy tomatoes in the winter when they either taste like cardboard or cross 19 time zones to get to you.  Wait till late summer when they are at their peek and less expensive, then go crazy!  Go to your local farmers market and suport the small farms and farmers who for the most part put their own blood, sweet and tears into the produce they sell.  Learn what produce is seasonally normal in your region.

My goal is to write 2 new recipes a month, in the order of

1.   Salads/Soup

2.   Side Dish

3.   Main Course

4.   Desert


12 responses to “about me

  1. talicatz

    Seth, as always you inspire me.

    Today I made artichoke soup, and I used my new emulsion blender.. it was delicious!

    keep it up brother

  2. pinks

    Seth I’m so happy you’re doing this! I’ve never tried your cooking but have heard great things about it! I’m excited to see your recipes and try them out!

  3. number one fans

    the strawberry festival is next week!
    have any suggestions???

    • Seth

      I was thinking about strawberries all week since it is the start of the season. Friday I should have something special.

  4. number one fans

    the strawberry festival is next week.
    have any suggestions?

  5. Joshua Olsen

    Love the blog Seth!

    It was great to meet you this weekend. Just e-mail me for the crab recipe and I’ll send it your way. I’m happy to provide some good instructions as well! We may just have to make the dish again if you want explanatory pictures… I know, it’s such a shame… 🙂

  6. Emily Locke

    Well ,I actually think I’m you’re number one fan ,that’s the right us big sisters have. I’m sooo proud of you! Keep up the fantastic work. It’s so refreshing to see people actually fullfilling there passion in life.

  7. Emily Locke

    As a big sister I’m so proud of you! As a fellow foodie I’m very inspired and impressed. It’s so cool to see poeple living out ther passion.

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